Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Dance Party

Coding in Scratch is just like directing a dance routine - there are characters (sprites), costume changes, music and a vision to execute.  Over the next few lessons, you will work to plan and create a dance routine project in Scratch. As with any good performance, you need to plan your routine and warm-up before you take to the stage.  Here are a few activities to get you started.

  Activity  1 -  Flowcharts (planning) In your pairs:
  1. Watch one (1) of 4  dance videos (dance 1, dance 2, dance 3 and dance 4)
  2. Create a flowchart to break down the routine into a sequence of moves that will teach another pair your routine
  3. Give your flowchart to another pair
  4. Follow the instructions on the flowchart given to you to re-enact the dance routine
You can use an online visual tool or an an app of your choice or a piece of paper to create your flowchart.

Activity 2 - Costume changes  (animation) To animate sprites in Scratch, you need to sequence a series of costume changes. Refer to the How to Animation in the Tips section of Scratch Editor.
  1. Choose a sprite (an animal is good)
  2. Add a different costume
  3. Add blocks to make your sprite come to life
Can you make your sprite move faster? slower? in a different direction? upside down? Can you keep your sprite on the stage? Can you make your own sprite and costume changes?

Activity 3 -  Build-A-Band (sound) Add music and sounds to your project by coordinating your sprites with sounds. Refer to the Step-by-Step guide to Make Music or the How to Music in the Tips section of Scratch Editor.
  1. Choose a sprite (an instrument is good)
  2. Add a sound block
  3. Experiment to make your sprite make some noise
  4. Repeat for two different sprites
Can you coordinate a number of different sprites so that they play a short piece of music?  HINT:  It might be a good idea to create multiple events (one for each sprite) rather than trying to make one large event or sequence of code.

Project 2 - Dance Party Your task is to plan and create a Dance Party project in Scratch using the elements that you've now explored.  Your completed Dance Party Project will include:
  • a flowchart showing your planning (sequence of events)
  • at least 1 animated sprite - try making a sprite of your own
  • some coordinated sound and/or music effects
Once you have created your Dance Party project:
  1. Save, share and embed your project in your blog
  2. Add your project to the STCC Year 9 2016 studio   
  3. Post a reflection to your blog responding to the following prompts:
    • What was the hardest part of this project?  How did you overcome this?
    • What is something that you still want to figure out?
    • How did you give credit for ideas, music or code that you've used in your project?

About Me

Complete the About Me Task by Monday. Post a reflection on your blog answering the questions on the About Me page. Add your project to STCC Year 9 2016 studio.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Starting Coding

Today you will join click Sign in.

Once logged in start Code Studio.Probably best to start at  Course 3. Section Code is SMGKTB
THen complete Course 4


Just complete accelerated course if you finish everything. 

You can then play in this space over the next 2 weeks. You need to complete the above and at least one other course. 

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Let's Dance OFF

Today we will put our robots on show. Each group will make their robot Dance and tape the performance. Peers will review  the performance. You can then edit your video and place it onto your blog. You then need to evaluate the process and record your  discussion on your blog. This part will be done individually. This will be due by end of the week. All parts of the project i.e. PM sheets, testing logs and evaluations should be completed by end of the week.

Let's Dance Link

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Rubric for Assesment

Thanks for your feedback on the rubric it was very informative and I have tried to make some of the descriptors a little clearer. Click here to see a copy of the rubric.

Today you need to start programming your robot and recording any testing you do.

Snapshot- How computers can be part of discussion about Time Travel

Interested in Time Travel. Interesting article in Cosmos about how computers can contribute to the understanding of this idea.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Monday October 6 2016

Today we will continue working on the Let's Dance project. You need to make sure you have emailed me the link for your Table which is the first step in planning your Dance Sequence. You also need to choose a digital tool that allows you to create a flowchart(s) that gives me an idea of how you are going to execute the code. You need to tell me which sensors your are using, what behaviours your robot will do and name any functions such as loops or switches you may use. You also need to invite me to this so I can have a copy of your flowchart.

You can then begin to code your robot. Next week you will have 2 lessons to code.

Remember to also fill in the PM table that identifies the task you have completed and what there is still left to do.

For templates for the table and examples of the flowchart tool see Let's Dance project.

Any questions please use the comment on this post to ask any questions.


Complete table and PM tool. Work on flowchart....and....check the rubric. Please annotate and make suggestions if you do not understand how I am marking you. I will fix this up.