Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Monday October 6 2016

Today we will continue working on the Let's Dance project. You need to make sure you have emailed me the link for your Table which is the first step in planning your Dance Sequence. You also need to choose a digital tool that allows you to create a flowchart(s) that gives me an idea of how you are going to execute the code. You need to tell me which sensors your are using, what behaviours your robot will do and name any functions such as loops or switches you may use. You also need to invite me to this so I can have a copy of your flowchart.

You can then begin to code your robot. Next week you will have 2 lessons to code.

Remember to also fill in the PM table that identifies the task you have completed and what there is still left to do.

For templates for the table and examples of the flowchart tool see Let's Dance project.

Any questions please use the comment on this post to ask any questions.


Complete table and PM tool. Work on flowchart....and....check the rubric. Please annotate and make suggestions if you do not understand how I am marking you. I will fix this up.

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