You are going to program your robot to perform their own dance routine on a stage with other robots.  Your robot must  not fall off the stage or hit any other robot dancing on table. The robots will dance to a piece of music that lasts for for 60 seconds. You need to decide as a group what piece of 60 second music to use. You may build your own robot or simply dress up your robot with decorations.
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Click here to see rubric for assessment
Length of time.
You will have 3-4  lessons to work on this.

Some of the challenges:
  • Your robot should dance for the 60 seconds.
  • You need to explore a variety of moves and use the motors to carry out these actions.
  • The robot's movements should synchronise with the timing of the music.
  • Alternate the robots music between fast and slow motions.
  • The robot will begin from a designated spot on the stage (table).
  • Other robots will be dancing on the stage and it needs to avoid them.
  • It needs to start at your instruction and end as close to the centre of the table as possible. 
  • It must not fall off the table. 
  • Give your robot personality.
  • Use props to help your robot change its behaviour.
Working as a Team
You will work as a team to complete this project. You will need to keep a running sheet outlining what each member of your group has done during each lesson. Click here and make a copy for your group. Share with group members and me.
PM Pages
Group1  -  Carla and Shanay
Group2.3 - Loredana, Julia and Georgia
Group 4 - Stephanie and Sam
Group 5 - Jada and Liana
Group 6 - Anika and Abbey

Planning your Dance
Before you start you need to plan. You should use a table to plan out the dance sequence and time it to the music. Once you have done this create a flowchart to draft the actions you would like the robot to take. You may want to include Loops, Wait and Switch commands. You can make changes to your flow chart as you go along  but need to submit an initial draft. Use the whiteboards or flowchart template to draft your steps but then use software using the correct flowchart tools  for your final plan.
Some suggestions of flowchart tools you could use:
webspiration  ORG ID is STCOLUMBAS
Music which robot will dance to.

Tables and Flowchart
Group1          1_12643 webspiration
Group 2.3       2.3 Flowchart
Group 4         4_ 12489 webspiration
Group 5        5_Flowchart
Group 6        6_ Flowchart
Testing your Dance
You need to make sure that you are testing steps and recording any challenges and how you solved these. You will use a Testing Table to do this.
Group 1 TT
Group2.3 TT
Group 4 TT
Group 5 TT
Group 6 TT
During the final Dance performance you will get 3 different people to peer assess your robot. Click here for a template of the peer review. You will individually record an evaluation of your final product on your blog. Use the PMI strategy to help you do this.

See below for examples
Example 1 Robot dancing by itself
Example 2 Robot dancing with others

Click here to see an example (using a different version of the lego) for some ideas
Dancing Robot Instructions

You should obtain music from creative commons licence websites.


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